• Instant Pot Chicken with Penne in Tomato Sauce

    Because Unique Instant Pot Recipe Ideas Rock

    (Inside: I love unique Instant Pot recipe ideas where I get out of my comfort zone. This Instant Pot Chicken with Penne in Tomato Sauce is one of the best.) One of the fun things about the Instant Pot is that there’s a whole community of people out there sharing and enjoying recipes together–giving their […]

  • When to Use Natural Release vs. Quick Release on the Instant Pot

    Because you know you have no idea…stop acting like you do…

    (Inside: I’m not going to lie: The Instant Pot scared me for a long time simply because I didn’t understand it. But now, I know the pot like my favorite spatula…and I even know all the intricacies of the Instant Pot Natural Release vs. Quick Release. I feel like an IP boss.) So, for the […]

  • 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For

    Because you can’t ever have too much cheesecake

    (Inside: 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For 15 Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipes to Die For Instant Pot Easy Oreo Cheesecake Recipe by Recipe This Instant Pot Pumpkin Cheesecake by A Mom’s Impression Classic Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe by How Was Your Day Instant Pot White Chocolate Raspberry […]

  • Instant Pot Reeces Cheesecake

    Because nobody loves chocolate more than peanut butter…

    (Inside: Tastebuds beware. This recipe for Instant Pot Reeces Cheesecake is without a doubt the most moist, peanut-buttery/chocolatey good treat you can give yourself.) I shall be frank with you. The reason that chocolate and peanut butter are served separately is so you can add as much peanut butter as you want–or chocolate, although it’s […]

  • Simple Instant Pot Cheesecake – Keto and Gluten-Free

    Because sometimes you just want a straight-up awesome freaking cheesecake.

    (Inside: Whether you’re on the Keto diet, managing a gluten-free lifestyle, or just plain-ole hungry for something sweet, this Simple Instant Pot Cheesecake is FOR. REAL. a spot-hitter and sweet-tooth-massager. And so fast to put together, you should probably make one right now.) Ok. So, sometimes you aren’t looking for the most fancy cheesecake in […]

  • Homemade Baby Food Instant Pot Recipe – Mashed Potatoes

    The world’s easiest baby food recipe made in the instant pot–which makes it even easier.

    (Inside: One of the easiest and quickest baby food recipes you can make at home is this Homemade Baby Food Instant Pot Recipe – Mashed Potatoes. Seriously–if your kid is ready for solids, this is it.) Look, I am totally all about making Homemade Baby Food. It’s simple, saves money, and can be done in […]

  • Instant Pot Ribs

    Because you just need a great rib sometimes–but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg…

    (Inside: Way overpriced BBQ restaurants beware–I have made the most amazing Instant Pot Ribs that will blow your mind. Yeah. Now to just figure out how to make those steak fries I like…) I really love BBQ. Being a Texas girl, no matter where I go on vacation, I am fascinated by the differences–and similarities between […]

  • 7 Insane Instant Pot Hacks

    Yeah, because we’re all basically in need of insane hacks. Seriously.

    (Inside: There’s nothing I love better than hacking an insanely fantastic device. So, I pulled together these 7 Insane Instant Pot Hacks–because who doesn’t want to make the Instant Pot cooler than EVER?!) Fancy ass appliance that makes fancy foods fast needs insanely-cool hacks to make it even more fun, right?  Uh, yeah, right. Except, […]

  • Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff

    Because you have to find out why the lunch-lady kept trying to get you to eat it…

    (Inside: There MUST be a reason beef stroganoff was served to us a million times in the school cafeteria. Some secret–that they were trying to replicate. Maybe it was this amazeballs recipe for Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff. Because I’d totally serve this a million times.) No one is like: Oh, I totally want to eat […]

  • Instant Pot Orange Chicken and Steamed Rice

    Yeah, because sometimes take-out is way over-done.

    (Inside: Waiting for delivery is way-overrated. As is going to pick up your favorite take-out in your jammies. So, I found a short-cut to this inconvenience and now, I present: Instant Pot Orange Chicken and Steamed Rice. Damn straight.) I am a lover of the “first thing you do when you get home is put […]

  • Instant Pot Stuffed Apples

    Because sometimes a sweet bite is all you need…

    (Inside: There’s something awesome about a tart bite of apple and cinnamon. Add in H-O-T and I’m in heaven. These Instant Pot Stuffed Apples are just thing thing to hit that spot and make mouths water…) They say roasted apples are for the fall and winter–they’re wrong. I say a lot of things–and they’re full […]

  • Instant Pot White Chili

    Because blustery, cold days call for a bold cup of chili sometimes.

    (Inside: Look. Sometimes you just need a solid, home-cooked meal from mom. And this Instant Pot White Chili will do that–on so many awesome homemade, comfy levels. You’re seriously going to need this comfort food.) Comfort food comes in all shapes and sizes. But one of the most comfy foods is, without a doubt, a […]

  • 5 Instant Pot Mistakes to Avoid

    Yeah, you really don’t want to screw this up, right? You’ve heard of Jack, right?!

    (Inside: Instant Pots can be fun and cut down on cook time significantly on some of your family’s favorite dishes–but they can also be kind of daunting. These are my favorite 5 Instant Pot mistakes and some tips on avoiding them–so you know, you don’t end up like Jack.) It is a fascinating thing to […]

  • 8 Hacks for Converting a Crock Pot Recipe to an Instant Pot Recipe with a Free Printable Mini E-Book

    Because we were all in love with the slow cooker until just recently…thanks, mom.

    (Inside: A quick and dirty introduction to the Instant Pot and the 8 Hacks for Converting a Crock Pot Recipe to an Instant Pot Recipe (with a Free Printable Mini E-Book) that I use to turn a slow cooker recipe into an instant pot recipe. Makes things ridiculously easy.) If you have ever used a […]

  • Instant Pot Sour Cream and Chives Smothered Pork Chops

    Kicking lackluster in the butt since 2018…

    (Inside: I am not always enamored with pork chops. The can be so tough and just lackluster. But these Instant Pot Sour Cream and Chives Smothered Pork Chops are anything but. Dude, they kick lackluster in the butt.) I don’t go to restaurants and order the pork chops. Nope. Because 9/10 times, they’re tough or […]

  • Instant Pot Stuffed Avocado Baked Eggs

    Oh, so you can stuff this? Then I think I shall…

    (Inside: You know you want a big bite of this amazing avocado. I mean, it’s like breakfast in a nice little package just for you. Give these Instant Pot Stuffed Avocado Baked Eggs a try–you won’t be sorry.) Instant Pot Stuffed Avocado Baked Eggs are LITERALLY one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever made. For […]

  • Instant Pot Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps

    Take the one shot you have and make the most of dinner.

    (Inside: Drool. That’s all you can do in the face of these Instant Pot Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps. They’re wicked and smokey and ready for any party. Seriously. Set them out for your next tailgating experience and see. Ninja, vanish.) You only get one shot at a truly epic tailgating experience. Or dinner. One shot. […]

  • Instant Pot Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

    Soups are generally overrated. Until you try this one. Oh. My. Wow.

    (Inside: I could just eat myself silly with a gallon of this amazing Instant Pot Cauliflower and Cheese Soup. Not kidding. So flavorful–less carbs than potato soup and not as broccoli as broccoli cheese soup. Best. Of. Everything.) It’s not often that I find a recipe I’d like to glut myself on the alter of. […]

  • Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Yeah…it’s spicy. It’s Buffalo…and it’s sooooo goooooood.

    (Inside: Let’t there be spice! He who controls the spice…Ok. Sorry…I’ll stop. Because it’s all about the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip and how good it is. Not necessarily my love of pop-culture. Right.) Look, I love an easy recipe. Especially if I have several people coming over for a little party and I am planning on […]

  • Instant Pot Copycat Zuppa Toscana

    Because an Olive Garden Copycat recipe is a must. MUST.

    (Inside: This Instant Pot Copycat Zuppa Toscana is freaking awesome. I mean, Italian soup in the Tuscan style…potatoes and sausage. So good. Literally my favorite food at Olive Garden, I can’t believe I can make it at home in the Instant Pot.) Look, I have nothing against all the other soups in the world. But, by […]