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  • Instant Pot Ham and Bean Soup

    Mmm…warm, rich, and flavorful Instant Pot Ham and Bean Soup. I can already smell it cooking, and I haven’t even opened the pantry door yet! How to Make Ham and Bean Soup in an Instant Pot? Ham and bean soup, made in an instant pot is just too easy! You’ll need a few simple ingredients […]

  • Instant Pot Vegan Cheesecake

    Looking for a delicious and indulgent dessert that just happens to be vegan? Look no further than our Instant Pot Vegan Cheesecake! Made with a rich and creamy vegan cheesecake filling, this dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The gingersnap crust adds the perfect amount of spice and flavor, making it irresistible. Indulge […]

  • 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For

    (Inside: 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For 15 Instant Pot Cheesecakes to Die For 15 Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipes to Die For Instant Pot Easy Oreo Cheesecake Recipe by Recipe This Instant Pot Pumpkin Cheesecake by A Mom’s Impression Classic Instant Pot Cheesecake Recipe by How Was Your Day Instant Pot White Chocolate Raspberry […]

  • Instant Pot Ribs

    (Inside: Way overpriced BBQ restaurants beware–I have made the most amazing Instant Pot Ribs that will blow your mind. Yeah. Now to just figure out how to make those steak fries I like…) I really love BBQ. Being a Texas girl, no matter where I go on vacation, I am fascinated by the differences–and similarities between […]

  • 7 Insane Instant Pot Hacks

    (Inside: There’s nothing I love better than hacking an insanely fantastic device. So, I pulled together these 7 Insane Instant Pot Hacks–because who doesn’t want to make the Instant Pot cooler than EVER?!) Fancy ass appliance that makes fancy foods fast needs insanely-cool hacks to make it even more fun, right?  Uh, yeah, right. Except, […]

  • 5 Instant Pot Mistakes to Avoid

    (Inside: Instant Pots can be fun and cut down on cook time significantly on some of your family’s favorite dishes–but they can also be kind of daunting. These are my favorite 5 Instant Pot mistakes and some tips on avoiding them–so you know, you don’t end up like Jack.) It is a fascinating thing to […]

  • Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip

    (Inside: Let’t there be spice! He who controls the spice…Ok. Sorry…I’ll stop. Because it’s all about the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip and how good it is. Not necessarily my love of pop-culture. Right.) Look, I love an easy recipe. Especially if I have several people coming over for a little party and I am planning on […]

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