Quick Trick for Building Email Subscribers – One Quiz to Rule Them All

Because I’d like to rule them all on my email list.

(Inside: Let’s talk about blogging for a second–because that’s what I do here at Instant Pot Party…I blog and I bring you the best instant pot recipes I can make. Today I’m sharing my favorite Quick Trick for Building Email Subscribers. A blogging how-to.)

Let’s be clear, I’m no guru of email subscribers.

But I have a friend who is.

And she’s hot-to-trot about quizzes.

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Quick Trick for Building Email Subscribers – One Quiz to Rule Them All

Ok. Interact is the tool I’m using.

Simple, cool, and very easy to build quizzes with, I hope to be growing my list of email subscribers pretty heavily with their quiz-mojo.

Here’s how you do it:

(it’s ok with me at this point if you need to find out What Level Instant Pothead You Are.)

Now, if you want to TALK about it some more, here’s my step-by-step process I take to do this thang:

  1. Go to InteractIt’s full of templates and stuff, so you’re not on your own. You can probably just run with scissors from this point, but…
  2. Brainstorm a Killer Title. You have to give your potential email subscribers a reason to click. The best rule of thumb is to make sure that title is in your niche, will work if you post it on half-a-dozen posts on your blog and just fits with the overall brand you’ve got going. So, like mine: “What Level Instant Potter are You” is in my niche–fits with the brand and can be, basically, partnered with every post on my site. Sweet.
  3. Decide how you’ll design it. I like to just brainstorm as I go sometimes–but other times, it’s a good idea to actually draw out what you’re going to do. Whatever. Who cares? If you do the next step, it’s basically taken care of for you.
  4. Use a template on Interact. Now, I guess you could start from scratch, but, just trust me, if you’re doing this for real, use the templates. Just makes things easier–they’re the pros, so they know. But, even in the wizard, you can totally customize each and every little thing to focus on your best-fit email subscribers. It’s just that the wizard kind of walks you through the basics. I recommend a new picture with each question (pictures help people read better, go figure).
  5. Create a “landing page” for your quiz. Now, this is a little something-something you don’t have to do–you can just make it a standard post, but why do that when you can make it like the star of the show?! Also, reducing ads allows your potential email subscribers to focus solely on the quiz and not be drawn-away from the main attraction there–which is answering the questions.
  6. Match-up the answers with the results. Ok. So this is what gives me the most queasy-moment in each quiz development-moment. What answers lead to what results? Honestly, I don’t know. If you use the templates in Interact, it’ll help you with that. Just focus on being you and the awesome-niche-ninja that you are.

Now, go get your quiz on, but before you do, could you do me a solid and pin this? Kinda my thing, yo.


Party on, dude! Catch you the flip side.

Written by Chantal

Dude. I'm down for the Instant Pot Party like nobody's business. I love and live food. And I do it all under pressure here. You can also see me over at NerdyMamma.com where I adventure with my kids!

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